Book Report on The New Ethnic Mob by William Kleinknecht Essay

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Book Report on The New Ethnic Mob by William Kleinknecht The New Ethic Mob by William Kleinknecht explores how the current criminals involved in organized crime are no longer just the Italians. He could be Cuban, Chinese, Russian, African-American, Haitian, or Jamaican. These are the new breed of more sophisticated and more brutal organized criminals. In the preface of the book Kleinknecht states not to mistake this work for a case against immigration in the United States. The author does a great job giving background information on how organized crime emerged in the early part of the nineteenth century. Then became much stronger though prohibition with Italian, Irish, and Jewish groups…show more content…
They are involved in illegal lottery networks and control the numbers outlets in New York City. Jose Miguel Battle is the head of the Cuban Mob, and the mention of his name provokes fear in Hispanic neighborhoods from New York to Florida. It is said that he is bigger than legendary numbers boss Dutch Schultz. The Vietnamese are also gaining strength on the street with extortion and shake down operations. There "MO "is to burglarize jewlery stores in a certain area and get on the highway. By the time the police are investigating the case they are in another city doing the same thing. This seems to be an effective method for them. When the FBI helps a sub committee in 1987 they recognized the Arab Mob as an extremely dangerous group. They have close ties to the Detroit Italian mafia. While some of them are hard working convenient store owners others are drug kingpins and insurance fraud artists. In Detroit the Arabs supply the Italian mafia with dependable bookmaking operations and run illegal casinos for them. Vietnamese gangs steal computer chips in Silicon Valley. The Ukrainian steals cars in Chicago and smuggle them to Poland. The Dominicans have become major players in the Columbian drug cartels. The Haitians operate illegal numbers games in New Jersey. Lastly, the Jamaicans have set up organized gangs that have terrorized parts of Queens. As one can see it seems as

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