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March 11, 2013
History 1301 -02
Twelve Years a Slave: Solomon Northup
Book Review

Solomon Northup was a free African American man from Minerva, New York. In the novel Twelve Years a Salve, Northup composed a narrative about his life as a free man, and also his life as a slave. In the year of 1814 Northup was kidnapped and taken deep South, to the rugged life of slavery. After 12 years of being thrown into the slavery against his will, he rightfully regained his freedom in January of 1853 all because he came in contact with an abolitionist from Canada, who sent letters to his family about his situation. As you know slavery is not an engaging circumstance to be put through. I mean put yourself in a slave’s shoe,
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The slaves prepared their own food and carried it out into the field in buckets. Slaves were housed in slave cabins. Small, rudely built of logs with clapboard sidings, with clay chinking. The Floors were packed with dirt, and they were leaky and drafty. The combination of wet, dirt, and cold made them diseased infested environments. Northup served a number of masters. Some brutally cruel and others whose humanity he praised. Each plantation had its own set of morals, codes, and rules, but all slaves had a slave master they had to obey no matter what. Treatments such as mutilation, branding, chaining, and murder regulated. Which means it was not against the law in the south to do these disgusting things to human beings. The way slave owners treated the slaves put a barrier between whites and blacks. This made African American look and whites in an almost hateful way. They wanted to rebel but knew the consequence that came with that. And for years to come the relationship between whites and blacks where influenced by slavery. Most slave owners or individuals that agreed with slavery thought that Paternalism was a good thing. Paternalism to them was that they were doing to salves a favor, owning them was in the slave’s best interest, but to African American it was a different story. They felt like they had to not only depend on their salve owners, but they had to depend on them for their survival. The slaves fate where depended
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