Book Review: A women Doing Life

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A women doing life is a book that talks openly about women in prison. The author of the book who is also an inmate is known as Erin George. She explains vividly about women life in prison and what she was going through as an inmate. The book also gives other stories about other female inmates. The book presents a realistic of what women goes through on daily basis in prison. The issues addressed are both physical and psychological challenges. She talks on behalf of those women facing challenges on daily basis in prison. The books explain life events that tragic and heartbreaking those changes later to be uplifting and humorous. She gives a story of how she is able to cope and manage in hard situations. The women’s humanity inside the …show more content…
This was not similar with many people outside her family who openly showed her how they rejected her music tastes.
Dawes explains the critics she got from other blacks who accused her of living like the whites since she had a liking for white’s bands such as The Violent Flame and The Clash. She had emotional attachment to music as she describes in the book. Before globalization and invention of internet technology, she worked hand to ensure she access the kind of music that she found pleasing unlike other kinds of music that other people liked listening to. Her interest led him to become a music journalist, which was a great success to her music interest which resulted in writing of this book. The book contains Dawes’ personal bibliography, an analysis of the culture of the blacks in a perspective of political history, and heavy metal artists especially the black females.
The author explains in the chapter, So You Think You’re White? Explains how black people who have interest in white culture have questions about their own culture. The author states that “That parochial blackness is dangerous as hell. It steals your joy.” It is well explained in the book about what results into parochial blackness. The black people are intact with their traditions and culture to be able to survive and empower themselves. The authors writes, black people grouped as weak people in the era of civil war. They lobby for political and social
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