Book Review : After This By Marcus Engel

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Book Review: After This… by Marcus Engel Suddenly losing his eyesight at a young age and having to deal with living in a whole new world, Marcus Engel tells his story of how he coped with losing his eyesight. Marcus Engel described his hardships and struggles after he became blind in his book, After This…An Inspirational Journey for All the Wrong Reasons. The book begins with Engel mentioning his college life and how he was excited to be going back home for vacation. While he was with his friends he got into a bad car accident that left him blind. The rest of the book tells his emotional life changing story of how he learned to accept his blindness and to do daily tasks. In his stay at the hospital he made a goal to get back to college. With that goal in mind, after he was discharged from the hospital, he went to rehabilitation school and a training center for a guide dog. The book was an easy read, and at certain parts made me laugh and cry. Engel went through many life changing events and it was really interesting and inspiring to read about his motivation to continue living in a world where he’s blind. Although Engel had a hard time accepting his blindness at first, he learned to embrace it. Thanks to the people that were besides him; his friends, family, teachers, doctors, and nurses, he was able to stand back on his feet and continue college. At first he didn’t want to live because of how badly he was hurt, both emotionally and physically, but he pushed through and…

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