Book Review: Book Review Of The Bill Gates Way

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Book Review

The Bill Gates Way

Sub: Strategic Management

Author - Des Dearlove

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‘The Bill Gates Way’ was published in 1999 and is authored by Des Dearlove. Des Dearlove is co-founder of the media content, concepts, and consulting firm, Suntop Media. He writes regularly for the London Times, the American Management Review, and Human Resources. He is the author of a number of books on management best practice, including The Ultimate Book of Business Thinking and Business the Richard Branson Way.

Book description
This book was published in 1999 by capstone publishing limited, Oxford Centre for Innovation. This book contains 192 pages. In this book, author highlights that real driving force behind Microsoft’s awesome success is the entrepreneurial brilliance of Bill Gates .The book depicts the leadership style of Bill Gates which is
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Be at the right place at the right time…..

It is very easy to say that the success of Microsoft is an extraordinary piece of good luck, when securing the contract to supply IBM with the OS for its first PC. But more to his luck than meets the eye. Gates recognized the significance of deal. He knew that it could change the history of the personal computing and worked very sincerely for more than six months to maximize his chance of being lucky.
Gates is the person who really understands the technology. This enables him to make strategic decisions based on his own vision of where the technology is heading.
When the opportunity of lifetime came to Gates he collected it with both hands. Gates has successfully leveraged Microsoft dominant market position to establish its own version of new applications. It is the aggressive marketing strategy which prompted the U.S government’s anti-monopoly authority to investigate the software giants.

2. Fall in love with the technology
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