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Book Summary: Built To Last Built To Last by James Collins & Jerry Porras What has enabled some corporations to last so long, while other competitors in the same markets either struggle to get by, or fade away after a short period of time? This is the major question that Mr's Collins and Porras try to answer. They took a look at 18 well known, well established and healthy companies ('visionaries'), and compared them to a counterpart in their specific area of business. They analyzed all the information they could get their hands on, compiled it, and looked at it to try to find patterns both between the visionary companies and their counterparts, as well as among the visionary companies themselves. The result of all of this is a set of…show more content…
Most top executives were too busy 'building the clock' and innovating to do extensive PR work that would promote themselves. • No 'Great Idea' Needed to Start a Company. - Many of the companies' founders did not start the company with a set idea. The best example given in the test is Hewlett-Packard. Both of these friends did not have an idea for what their product would be before starting their business. They tried making a few interesting products until they developed a piece of military hardware that caused their business to start growing. The above summary has been provided to you compliments of The Vance Caesar Group - Premier Leadership Coaching The Clock Builder's Tale Creating Organizations that Take a Licking and Keep on Ticking James Collins began his morning Masters Forum session February 21 by reading the minutes of the first official meeting of a new business. The three principals had no specific product in mind when they formed the company, just vague ideas about industries with potential. But they talked about what kind of company they wanted to be, and agreed to have regular meetings once a month, just like this one. It was dull. Nearly everyone in the audience gave the fledgling organization little chance of making a dent in the business world. But the business the three men were starting that day, August 23rd, 1937, not only made a dent. It went on to become one of the best-known, best-run, longest-lived

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