Book Review : ' Cats And Foxes '

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Evan, son of Midnight, secured the leather straps of his pack, taking as much time as he could in doing so as he always did before he entered the bustling city streets of an unfamiliar land that seemed to threaten to swallow him into its roads and paths. Despite this being the place where he’d initially began his travels at, it now felt strange and new. Right before he would enter the city, partially to take up more time and partially because he felt the urge to, he looked up into the cloud filled sky and cursed to his parents who’d sent him down to earth. His father had been Midnight, the god of Pumpkins, and mother Isabelle, the god of nine tailed cats, nine tailed cats like him. It was said that every living creature in the mortal world could earn a place in heaven through practice. For cats and foxes, after they commit in years of this hard practice, they begin to grow more tails, one for every twenty years or the fulfillment of a wish of a chosen master. When they reach their eighth, the granting of a wish becomes no longer optional, but more than often for every wish they grant, they gain a tail but lose more than one too, so it was difficult to reach nine tails. Even till then, Evan could never figure it out even through his years of travel and search for answers. Consequently, he simply ceded and began to quietly loath the gods for setting him up with an outright impossible task.
So he continued, hands in his pockets and eyes on the road of which he traveled, and…

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