Book Review : ' Dear Diary '

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Dear diary, I, Riva Minska, cannot address where I should began. I hope and pray you will serve as a source of great comfort and support. I have decided to write regularly so I may able to write down everything I do and think. In this manner I shall be able to account for all I have done each day. When I am an old lady in her late 70’s and 80’s I shall look back at you laugh, cry, and recite these tales to my children and grandchildren hopefully by gods will. The introduction is over, and I shall pen down beginning tomorrow. Sincerely, Riva Minska Dear diary, I write for my mother, my brother and sisters and for my late father. I might not survive, we might not all survive. My dairy might perish along with me but the world will…show more content…
We have lost our rights, we cannot work, we cannot leave our houses, and they have destroyed our synagogues, shops, and have seized our houses and possessions. I cannot bear to think how these men can slaughter innocent blood of men, women, children, the young, the old. (Have they got no heart?) The streets are an appalling sight; a blanket of unmeasurable grief has shrouded on my people. Their screams of horror and pain create a spectacle of pleasure for the Nazis. Dead bodies lay on the streets. My eyes are full of concealed tears, I do not cry because I want to let the Nazis know I am strong and will not crush under there fierce brutality. I want to be a fighter, but I do not know how to, I am young, physically weaker, and one person. Women and children are being tortured, a young Nazi man in his twenties struck a heavy blow on an expectant mother, she and her child both died. This is the truth. Women are weeping for their children as they are being separated in large numbers and being taken away in wagons. No one knows what will become of one, perhaps the rumors are true, and the barbarians might shoot you to death, or send you to concentration camps where you would die in gas chambers. Salvation is dying; promise of life is slowly relinquishing. The tragedies cannot be captured in words. We have been issued a declaration to evacuate our houses in five minutes. Mother has become fearful for our
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