Book Review : Dennis Lee Garrison

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Interviewing Mrs. Dennis Lee Garrison Owner of several sport clubs in US By Eividas Petrulis Family, Background Dennis Garrison was born and raised in a farm town in South Illinois. His mother was 15 years old when Dennis Garrison was born. No one in his family ever finished a high school, in fact, both of his parents quit high school after the ninth grade. Grandparents of Dennis were factory workers and railroad construction workers. A generation behind were farm workers. While Dennis was growing up his father joined the Navy and his mom started working at the factory making dresses. After serving four years in the Navy Dennis’s dad went to work to the factory as well. Later he went to…show more content…
At his junior year in college, Mrs. Garrison was offered a part-time job in an accounting firm. He worked there 20 hours per week, and worked there full-time in the summer after that year. Mrs. Garrison graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Right after that he went to work for a Certified Public Accounting firm full-time and began working on a Master’s Degree in Accounting. After one year, the University offered him a Graduate Teaching position, so he left the CPA firm to become a teacher. Mrs. Garrison studied for the Certified Public Accountants exam and finished his Master’s degree in one year. After he passed the CPA exam, the University offered him a position. Mrs. Garrison served one year as a university lecturer, and then moved to California to accept a position as an Associate Professor at what is now called Cal State East Bay. Opportunity Identification While Mrs. Garrison was teaching at the University, he met a young man who had started a health club. He had ideas about building a bigger club, but had no business or accounting background. They decided to try to buy a big tennis club that was failing and convert it into a club with many types of activities, including fitness equipment, basketball, racquetball, group exercise classes, swimming and etc. As Mrs. Garrison explained - until about 1980, commercial clubs had been primarily “single purpose’ clubs. Each club offered only one activity, such as tennis or racquetball. Most of those
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