Book Review: Economy and State: a Sociological Perspective Essay

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Book Review: Economy and State: A Sociological Perspective
Amanda Oha
Liberty University

Amanda Oha
PPOG 502
Dr. Stewart
Book Review 2 Economy and State: A Sociological Perspective

In the book, Economy and State, authors try to connect reader with the inner workings the state and it’s relation to the economy. Unlike most authors, Bandeji and Sowers do not argue for minimal government intervention in economic affairs, but they discuss the relationship of the state and the economy. They argue that the state and the economy forged many types of relationships, which may end in different results. Bandeji and Sowers started to explain this relationship between state and economy in two
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The state gets involved to prevent economic crisis.
Social rights state- the state focuses on the role of protection of its citizens and its social rights.
Protectionist state- the state acts in a protective manner
Socialist state- It is a mixed between a social rights and protectionist state. In this type of state it is a middle stage, where the government helps prevent the injustice of capitalism. When it comes to the notion of state embeddedness, Bandelji and Sowers posed five questions:
How does the state shape the economy?
What are the different kinds of state involvement in the economy?
What combination of conditions produces a state parasitically feeds on the economy, predatory state?
What combination promotes economic growth as a result of development state actions?
What combinations help reduce poverty and inequality that help encourage strong welfare?
This based upon these two relationships , the Sowers and Bandeji, brings into play how the relationship of state and economy plays into the economic concepts of property and money. The authors bring into play the role of labor and firms as well as development, globalization, and internationalism, which can also shape and have an effect on the relationship between state and economy. It also brings six different areas of interactions. The first is how the state interacts when it comes to property and property rights. The next one
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