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Gagandeep Singh Book Review A thesis can be defined as something an author tries to prove to their audience. A History of the World in Six Glasses by Tom Standage provides a very brilliant thesis. Tom Standage’s thesis is to inform the audience reading the book about the six vital drinks that helped make up history. He explains this by showing how the drink influenced major events around the globe. He begins with beer which the oldest from the six drinks and ends with the youngest drink Coca-Cola. Standage explains how beer was important in the adoption in agriculture and the beginnings of civilizations. Farming became adapted by people in order to maintain a supply of beer. Farming surpluses allowed people of society to…show more content…
This led to the outbreak of the Famous Revolutionary War and once fighting began rum became the primary drink of the American soldiers. Standage depicts how coffee influences a new age or science and rational thought in Europe. Coffeehouses were very important to the Arab world and Europe. In the Arab world coffeehouses were hotbeds of gossip, rumor, political debate, and satirical discussion. Europe’s coffeehouses later functioned as a place for information exchanges for scientists, businessmen, writers, and politicians. It also later became a mailing address. Coffeehouses were the centers of self-education, literary and philosophical speculation, and commercial innovation and in some cases, political fermentation. Coffee introduced and influenced a new age of scientific learning and rational thought in Europe. Coffeehouses provided a more relaxed atmosphere which helped encourage discussion, speculation, and exchange of ideas. Such discussions also allowed scientist to attempts and try out half-formed theories and ideas. It was in coffeehouses that science and commerce became intertwined. The use of coffee in society was different from previous beverages because this beverage facilitates exchange and cooperation with the risk of the loss of self-control with alcohol. Coffee remains the drink in which people meet to discuss, develop, and exchange ideas and information with each other. Standage depicts
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