Book Review : Father And Sons By Ivan Turgenev

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Bazarov v. Pavel
Father and Sons by Ivan Turgenev is about two young men returning home from college. In the beginning readers are introduced to Arkady a young man whom on his journey home to his father has brought his friend, Bazarov. From the first meeting Arkady’s family is a little suspicious of Bazarov and have many questions for him and about him. Conversation did not start between the men until the next morning at breakfast. Nikolai (Arkadys father) had a few things to say but the real debate happened between Pavel (Arkadys uncle) throughout the early chapters.
Bazarov is an interesting character is because it is made known that he is a Nihilist. Nihilism according to definition means a few things, “total rejection of established laws and institutions.” or, “An extreme form of skepticism; the denial of all real existence or the possibility of an objective basis for truth.” ( The first example Bazarov shows of his Nihilism is his interactions with a young boy over a frog. The young boy is fascinated by this frog but Bazarov wants it purely to cut open for research purposes. The boy tries to explain to Bazarov that the frog is just a frog but Bazarov does not agree. He believes there is more to learn by cutting open a frog.
Bazarov and his Nihilism makes the relationship between him and Arkadys uncle, Pavel an interesting one. After their first meeting Bazarov makes a few comments to Arkady, “What an oddball of an uncle you’ve got!” (Turgenev 17) He…
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