Book Review - Fighting Invisible Tigers Essay

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Class - FYBA

Subject- Psychology

Semester- I

Topic- Book Review

Name of the Book - Fighting Invisible Tigers: A Stress Management Guide for Teens


1. Acknowledgement

2. Book Review

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I would like to thank my Psychology Professor, Ms. Rohina, for giving me the opportunity of doing a project which has inculcated a sense of Stress Management in me.

Also I would like to extend my gratitude to my English Literature Professor, Ms. Kavita, for teaching me the skill of writing a Book Review.

Book Review of Fighting Invisible Tigers: A Stress Management Guide for Teens
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The third and final part of this book in the largest and, in my opinion, the most practical. It mixes up breathing exercises with the importance of laughter and discusses relationships. The title for this part is "Life Skills" and tells you what methods to use in the real world for dealing with stress. A large part discusses relationships and helps you rate your relationships with your friends on a scale. There are many quizzes to let you know if you are affected with stress or if you are a perfectionist. If you're a teen, or a preteen, you've probably felt at some point in your life that what with school, family, friends, health and trying to find some time to have fun, life is just too overwhelming, and you need some sort of instant cure. Well, that's what guides to life like Fighting Invisible Tigers, by Earl Hipp, are for! While there is no "instant cure" for stress, there are many books which can help you to get your life under control, and Fighting Invisible Tigers is at the top of the list. This book has a great approachable voice that really breaks things down into teen-friendly language and concepts. It is very straightforward and really tries to reach young people where they're at, using pretty relevant examples. It describes and defines things in terms they can understand. It talks about a variety of relevant Teen issues: school, peer pressure, life choices, etc.
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