Book Review : Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn

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Author’s Intent

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is a book that captured and shocked thousands of hearts, appearing on bookshelves all over the country. But does Gone Girl live up to the hype? Could it possibly be as good as your neighbor is saying? The answer is surprisingly, yes. Flynn uses impressive characters and themes to tell a horrific story so captivating you’re unable to set it down. Gone Girl was a rollercoaster of emotions you couldn’t wait to ride again. Most notably in the novel, is the tragic and appalling mind of Amy Dunne, however, if you delve past the surface you see a much more striking message. Flynn uses his story as a vessel to display the devastating and remarkable affect the people around you have on your personality. Constantly, we see signs of dissatisfaction, lack of acceptance, and facades in our two protagonists. Both Nick and Amy craft false personas to please each other, disguising their true selves in order to maintain the stability of their marriage. Yet, these facades end up being the exact reason why their marriage crumbles and falls, both of them dissatisfied with their lives and each other.

In the beginning, Amy pretends to be an easygoing “cool girl” to appeal to Nick. Then as time goes on, she reveals her real personality, upsetting Nick. “It wasn’t me, Nick! I thought you knew… I tried so hard to be easy. But it was unsustainable. It turned out he couldn’t sustain his side either: the witty banter, the clever games, the romance, and the…

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