Book Review : Good Boss, Bad Boss: How to Be the Best…and Learn from the Worst

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Book Contents

Objective: The objective of Dr. Robert Sutton’s “Good Boss, Bad Boss” is to establish the case for why bosses are vital to the health and success of an organization and a productive environment. His clear message is “Bosses Matter!” He establishes the hallmark of a great boss by answering the following three questions:
• If you want to be a Good Boss, what do you need to accomplish day after day?
• If you have a Bad Boss, what can you do about it?
• In short, what are the hallmarks of a Good Boss…..and worse flows of a Bad Boss?

Audience: We believe the book is an excellent read for anyone in the workplace, people who yearn to be skilled bosses or want to work for one.

General Theme: The book focuses on what best
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Sutton stresses the importance of striking a delicate balance between Performance & Humanity. In Sutton’s view bosses have to be judged by what their teams achieve AND how they feel along the way. The following chapters offer good practices and feedback on what the best bosses do to acquire the skills and grit to inspire good work, commitment and respect among their followers.

Chapter 2 - What the Best Bosses Do – Take Control.
In Chapter 2 of the book, Dr. Sutton continues his lessons on what Best Bosses Do by discussing leadership, control and responsibility as major factors to success. In “Act Like You‘re in Control, Even When You Aren’t” he stresses the importance of always appearing to be in charge when dealing with charges. As he mentions “if they don’t believe you’re in charge, you’re in trouble”. When it comes to decision making, Good Bosses make crisp decisions and this helps bolsters their control of their teams. Sutton advises to be specific when communicating because “ambiguity kills productivity” as employees become confused. A successful boss doesn’t dither. Train yourself to be able to say “Yes or No” in any situation.
What Best Bosses do is “Get and Give Credit”. According to Sutton, every boss should praise good work for it helps performance and good team performance gets them credit. Research has shown that acknowledging and rewarding good performance gives employees incentive to be more productive and as a result create a healthy
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