Book Review: 'Guarding the Golden Door' by Roger Daniels

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Book Review Guarding the Golden Door by Roger Daniels Introduction Guarding the Golden Door is a historic book written with an intention of analyzing, and addressing the policies that were instigated to effect to immigration that was happening in America. Roger Daniels, a reputable historian interested in historical literature, inscribed the book. Only one edition, the original copy, has been produced since the publication of the book. The publisher of the book is Hill and Wang, a press company based in the U.S. This was due during the course of year 2004. The lengthy book of 328 pages addresses the subject range of history in the United States. Its ISBN numbers are 0809053438 and 9780809053438. Thesis Rogers wrote Guarding the Golden Door from a personal point of view. This is evident from the criticism unto which critics base their arguments. It is through his perception that he purposed in writing the book. Roger Daniel has based his thesis upon one general assessment of the immigration era in the U.S. It is a summation of one statement. Thesis- The past has had a nostalgic effect to the immigrants and the issue has been magnified by the threat the outsiders implicated upon the natives. Main Ideas of Roger Daniels As the author of the book, Daniels has tried to exemplify his view towards hyperbolism of the rhetoric and misleading statistics that were conceptualized by the legislation looking upon the immigration process. He has also tried to depict his

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