Book Review: 'Hiring Great People' by Klinvex, O'Connell and Klinvex

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First published in 1999, Klinvex, O'Connell & Klinvex's (1999) Hiring Great People has become a briefcase staple. The principles contained in the book remain relevant not only for human resources but also to managers concerned about maintaining a strong and cohesive organizational culture. As Merrill (2013) points out, "hiring shows a great deal about a culture," because the methods used to attract, screen, and hire personnel reflects on the character of the company and its leaders. However, Klinvex, O'Connell & Klinvex (1999) are concerned mainly with the means by which to actually hire great people. The book is a compendium of knowledge regarding everything from composing proper job descriptions to issues related to discrimination, to how to structure a successful interview. The authors go so far as to include managers' checklists to make Hiring Great People a practical handbook as well as a reference guide. Managers, and especially human resources managers, should have a copy of Hiring Great People on their shelves.
Hiring Great People is divided into several sections, each addressing a different aspect of the hiring process. The first section, "Competency-Based Job Descriptions," discusses the relevance and importance of competency-based job descriptions. The authors describe what competency-based job descriptions look like, offering ample examples to guide human resources managers needing to craft or re-craft theirs. One entire section is devoted to critical

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