Book Review : Hungry Start Up Strategy

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Book Review - Hungry Start-up Strategy
Entrepreneurship is a very common term now-a-days and it is the dream of most business graduates to start up their own firm. Many business schools are offering courses on entrepreneurship. They feed the motivation to start up one’s own business and many college graduates have done it very successfully. They choose to start up their own venture instead of working for other existing companies. There are many reasons not to start up a business and there are many reasons to fail. But the most common thing that drives the entrepreneurs is that they were all hungry for success.

The purpose of the book “Hungry Start-up Strategy: Creating New Ventures with Limited Resources and Unlimited Vision” is to give a guideline to those who don’t have enough capital to invest and but has unlimited vision. Inspired by Michael Porter’s model, the author, Peter S. Cohan tried to give them a clear guideline with some examples interviewing 162 start-up CEOs and their start up strategies are summarized to illustrate different strategic viewpoints. These are the fuel cells that burn the desire. The author himself started his consulting firm in 1994 and invested in 6 start-ups, 3 of which were sold for a total of $2 billion and 3 went out of business. This book comes from his hunger to spread his knowledge to the new entrepreneurs.

In this book Mr. Peter differentiated two different eras of business entrepreneurship. The first one was during…
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