Book Review: 'Indians in American History' by Harlan Davidson:

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Running Head: Indians in American History Indians in American History Introduction We often wonder that how exactly a country becomes a super power but when we go back in time and go through our history we see that how the super power like America has broken the rights of the people and suppress them to come this far where now it is trying to promote peace by solving problems and disputes between countries all across the globe. Harlan Davidson published the book Indian in American History second edition by Frederick Hoxie and Peter Iverson in March 1998. This book speaks the language of American Indians and is a historical guide about the Indian Americans. It is not just an ordinary textbook published to be taught in regular history classes but it is something more than that as it is on of those books that rarely speaks about the ground realities suffering and pain that Indian Americans had to face inside their own native soil. This book tell us that how the Native Indians were driven out in a most irritating manner from a multi point of view and how they were tried to be limited by the Americans and then later wiped off. Purpose of the book Indians in American History, an introduction takes us back into the lives of Native American Indians in form of fourteen different short essays. The book contains theoretical and artistic bits of work from well-known authors who also tell and share their point of view as to how they felt about the whole process through which the
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