Book Review: Into Africa Essay

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Into Africa: Book Review Into Africa by Martin Dugard, is a unique retelling of one of David Livingstone’s last expeditions through Africa. Martin Dugard lives in Orange County, California and is an accomplished writer and adventurer. Martin Dugard accurately provides his readers with an inside look at his characters motivation and inner thoughts. Dugard has also written several other nonfictional history books that showcase his desire to display his characters psychological processing such as Killing Clinton, published in 2012, and Killing Lincoln, published in 2013. Into Africa was published in 2003, by Doubleday, a division of Random House, inc. in New York, NY. Dugard uses the book to prove his thesis that Henry Morton Stanley and…show more content…
Although Livingstone was reluctant, his financial future was not looking promising and he knew he needed one last expedition to Africa. His goal was to write a book of this last adventure that would sell enough to ensure a safe retirement. On August 14, 1865, Livingstone set sail for Africa.
After two and a half years of travelling, it was apparent that this would be the toughest adventure Livingstone would ever encounter. Livingstone was traveling with some Arab slave traders to Ujiji because his porters had left him and stole his supplies. When the porters returned to Zanzibar, they reported Livingstone dead. When E. D. Young, a Royal Navy gunner that travelled with Livingstone, read the March 7, 1867 Times he was shocked and filled with disbelief, Livingstone was dead. After doing some research on the reports of Livingstones death, Young was convinced that David Livingstone was not dead. So, Young sent a letter to Murchison explaining his opinion on the situation. Murchison responded by calling the gunner to Britain to create a rescue strategy. The goal was for Young to head into Africa and find answers to the confusion and not to return until proof was found. Whether it was his dead remains or not, Young agreed to go into Africa and find David Livingstone. After searching for 10 months, Young had proof that David Livingstone was still alive and he returned to London. When Young
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