Book Review: 'Journey Through the Old Testament'

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Peaceful Journey Journey Through the Old Testament is a text book intended for high school students. It largely details various circumstances and facets of the Old Testament in the Bible, and contains a number of key passages and scriptures. In many respects, this textbook has been designed to serve as a companion for the Bible specifically for adolescent readers who may need some sort of help or guidance understanding the text of the good book. In fact, this aspect of Journey Through the Old Testament is one of its most beneficial for young readers, who frequently have difficulty interpreting and understanding the archaic language that characterizes many variations of the Bible, and of the Old Testament in particular, today. The clarity of language is definitely one of the boons about Journey Through the Old Testament, which takes a fairly lucid approach to deciphering and interpreting scriptures that may otherwise appear highly ambiguous to youthful, adolescent readers new to ecclesiastical documents. The scope of this textbook is decidedly comprehensive in nature, as it spends a good deal of time explaining concepts and events that took place from the book of Genesis to the prophesies regarding Jesus that close out this document and readily being the New Testament. As is the case with most textbooks in contemporary education especially that which is relevant to students at a secondary level of education Journey Through the Bible is interactive and seeks to engage its
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