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Austin Smith
Book Review

Killing Lincoln

This past month I have been reading Bill Oreillys killing Lincoln. This book shows Lincolns process of ending slavery and dealing with the civil war. The book tells the story of our president trying to do good things, while John Wilkes Booth is planning to do a really bad deed by killing Lincoln. This book shows us that Lincoln had a lot on his plate dealing with the Civil war and the criticism from the south. He was obviously not supported in the south but he did what he thought was right for this great nation and made a decision that changed America forever. The book begins by showing Lincoln in the final days of the Civil war waiting anxiously to hear results of the battles that took
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I wanted him to die knowing what he did was wrong, knowing that he killed one of the greatest presidents America has ever known. Instead Booth sneaks away spending some time in Forests and slowly moving further south, if it weren’t for a couple of encounters he had he would have easily gotten away untouched, and who knows he may have never been brought to justice. His death to me was unsatisfying. He and his co-conspirator David Herold were found sleeping in a barn Close to Virginia. Almost 60 miles from Fords theatre. Herold surrendered and they burned the barn and shot Booth paralyzing him. He died almost three hours later. In my opinion he should have been hanged in front of all the American people, that way he knew what he did hurt this great nation more than he would ever know. This book relates to American history by showing you the perspective of both sides. The side of Lincoln who wanted to do nothing but great things for this nation and the side of John Wilkes Booth who had a terrible plot to kill a great man. While reading this book I learned how Abraham Lincolns job was far from over after the civil war, he had to convince the American people that the war was for the benefit of the country because the war was the most brutal the nation had ever seen. I would recommend this book to any student interested in American history because it shows some key events in the civil war and shows how Lincolns point of view was not what was better for
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