Book Review : King Arthur Knights Of The Round Table

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Almanza 5 Tristan Almanza Mrs. Davis English 4 5 April 2016 Camelot, King Arthur Knights of the Round Table Camelot a mythical kingdom said to be located in Great Britain as well as the center of Logres. Camelot is the kingdom that gave birth to the Knights of the Round Table. Arthur was a just king and wanted to form a unit of the knight of justice or knights of the people, the name for this unit would be a knight of the round table, there were to be one hundred and fifty knights in total King Arthur had chosen the first hundred men himself. After Arthur had gotten the Gweniveire hand in marriage her father gave Arthur one hundred men and Merlin chose fifty out of hundred and put them into the round table now the round table is complete or whole for the time being. The Story of Camelot starts with Joseph of Arimathea who according to the bible donated his tomb for the burial of Jesus. Joseph converted more than one thousand inhabitants to Christianity. It 's current king Agrestes falsely converted. Agrestes persecutes, Christians after Joseph takes his leave. Upon Joseph return to the city of Camelot he sees that all the inhabitants have converted to Christianity, Agrestes had gone mad with Joseph away and had thrown himself into a fire. Camelot 's surrounding land was flourishing with life with plenty of space for tournaments. When tournaments were held wooden reviewing stands for the ladies and maids would be set up. The church of St. Stephen apparently kept a large
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