Book Review 'Leadership' by Rudolph Giuliani

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Book Review Leadership By Rudolph W. Giuliani The influence of 9/11 on this book. Former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani give in his book, appropriately called “Leadership”, his personal view on the important factors that should encompass leadership. In sixteen chapters he shares the views he learnt over the length of his career in combination with striking examples of his own professional and personal life. When he started to work on his book in the spring of 2001, also his last year of his term as mayor of New York, he did not know that his leadership qualities would be put to the test on last time in September of that year. When on September 11th 2001, two planes crashed into the World Trade Center, mayor Giuliani was…show more content…
This is not only the way it should work with the morning meetings, but also the way Giuliani intended and expects the meeting to work. When starting as a Mayor of New York, Giuliani found it extremely important to set the tone early on. And important in that is letting people that work for you know how much their work means to you. Furthermore, Giuliani recognizes the importance of starting with small successes. This shows that he can make a difference quickly by making a change or solving a problem. A problem when he started as Mayor of New York, were people who cleaned windshields of cars at traffic lights and then requested payment for it. This was kind of a nuisance to the people of New York, but the police was not in any position to do anything about it. Giuliani came up with the idea to fine them for jaywalking and was able to reduce the problem dramatically within a month. And the people of New York loved it. This shows the importance of starting with a small success, but also about how important it is to know the details. Giuliani comes from a background of being an attorney and therefore suggested to fine these people for jaywalking. He already had knowledge in this area, but also in areas he knew nothing about, he made sure he learned about the details. The fact he wants to know about the details, shows another strong point Giuliani makes in his book; Prepare Relentlessly. Or as he puts it himself “Don’t assume a damn thing”. He

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