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Jane Doe November 19, 2012 Skousen Sociology 210 Research/Book Review Project Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus – John Gray, Ph.D. The main message in the book, Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus, is that men and women are so different in many ways that they might as well be from different planets. Men and women seem to fail to communicate with each other on how to understand how each other loves and expects to be loved, and that is the reason for relationship and marriage conflict. Men and women communicate in very different ways. Men want to see the solution, they want to just get straight to the point and then be done with the situation. Women on the other hand tend to be more detail-oriented before they get to…show more content…
This book has helped me realize a lot about my own family and especially a lot about my own parents and the way they share their emotions. My mom is a very emotional person. She tends to show her emotions much of the time and lets them get the best of her a little too much of the time (but that’s just my opinion). Me personally am more like my dad when it comes to emotions. I have a very hard time showing my emotions. I have found it much easier to keep my emotions to myself because then I don’t have to get others involved; but I have also learned that that is not always the most healthy way to address the situations going on in my life. I have in fact become physically sick from holding in my emotions. I do wish that I could cry more and that it was easier for me to explain how I was feeling at times, but I guess those are things that I must think through and work on. Those are things that I need to realize before marriage, because I have to be able to communicate in a healthy way with my husband. Moving onto the men feeling need and women feeling wanted topic in a more personal way, I have also seen that through my parents. I have seen my dad feel needed and my mom feel wanted. My dad is really needed around the house to do projects and handy work like putting up pictures and painting walls and work like that, and I understand that that is how is needed, but then I think about it and those really aren’t the things that he likes to do, or would feel

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