Book Review : ' Monster ' By Walter Dean Myers Essay

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Racism has been a problematic in society since anyone can remember. Even though we have equal rights in this country, individuals still use racism to belittle people who do not fit their idea of what is ‘‘normal’’. In literature, this aspect of our culture is present to show students how to address it. The novel ‘‘Monster’’ is a good example of material the teacher can commonly explore this problem. This essay will demonstrate how teachers can use the crime novel, ‘‘Monster’’ by Walter Dean Myers, in the classroom, to enhance young adults’ critical capacities. It is possible if the teacher makes the students concentrate on a sole theme, Steve’s trial through racism. By going more in depth, this essay will illustrate how the teacher should proceed in teaching the students about racism, how these classes will proceed, and what examples the students should find.Analyzing RacismAnother manner of using the book ‘‘Monster’’ by Walter Dean Myers is to comprehend what is unsaid in the novel. The teacher can use this to teach the young generation about how this injustice called racism is present and that we must put an end to it. He / she must begin by learning about racisms’ effects on students before giving the class. The teacher could use tools such as the book ‘‘Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together? And Other Conversations About Race’’ (Tatum, 2003) to aid in the comprehension of ‘‘racial identity and the experiences of students of different racial backgrounds’’ (Franzak,

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