Book Review : ' Odyssey '

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Alexis Lauren Robinson December 03, 2014
Odyssey Sections
Book Thirteen: 1-79: The section of this book in which Alcinous is stunned by how much Odysseus has suffered. Alcinous believes that he will sail home from Ithaca. The king and the rest of his people throw him a type of celebration in which they slaughter an ox, sing, and Odysseus is launched into the sea.

80-212: Royal escorts took the gifts produced by the queen while Odysseus sleeps. Poseidon angered by the Phaeacians talks with Zeus about their punishment for sending castaways into the sea. At the end they reach an agreement that in front of the Phaeacians when their ship returns in will be transformed into a rock that resembles a ship.

213-417: Odysseus talks with Athena about the suitors and his life back home. As well as the life of Telemachus as he has grown up without his guidance or love.

418-End: Athena and Odysseus talk more about their plan to transform him into a beggar in order for him to see what is going on in his home and symbolizes that he will have to awaken the roles or parts of himself that he was before which include a father and husband. This way Odysseus can gain the respect of others. Book Fourteen: 1-31: Athena shows Odysseus the way to the swineherd, through a rugged path of timber along the ground. The swineherd is depicted to be sitting at the door of his lodge in his farmstead, high-walled,broad and…

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