Book Review Of Rodman Philbrick's 'Freak The Mighty'

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Freak the Mighty Essay
In the novel, Freak the Mighty, author Rodman PhilBrick wrote about a boy(Max) who had a learning disability, hated school, and was a social outcast to the rest of the world. Later in the novel Max met Kevin, a boy who had a physical disability. The two boys instantly became friends and as their friendship grew, they grew both mentally and physically. Both Kevin, who was nicknamed “Freak”, and Max gained a good friend when they met each other. By gaining a good friend, they changed people’s lives. One way the author showed how a good friend can change one’s life is by showing how different Max acted after he became friends with Freak. Another way Rodman Philbrick showed that in the novel, is by telling how Freak the Mighty, a nickname that Freak came up with for him and Max, changed how other people looked and acted towards both Max and Freak when they were together. This was shown a final time when Max and Freak the Mighty changed Freaks’ life. If one has a good friend by his side, then together the two friends can change lives.
One way the author showed how Freak the Mighty changed people’s lives in more than one way is by telling how different Max acted when he was around Freak. An example of this happened when Max began to like reading and going to school. Max state’s, ‘“And now that I’ve written a book who knows, I might even read a few. No big deal’”(Philbrick 183). This goes to show that after only a year of being friends with Freak,

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