Book Review Of The Book 'Written On The Body'

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“Written on the Body” is a powerfully written story that uncovers all the pleasure and pain of loving. Throughout the novel we are shown that the narrator seems to be in love with being in love. This book is about love, relationships, loss, and leaves us with a bit of hope at the end. The opening sentence is “why is the measure of love loss?”. From that question we are then submersed into the narrator’s experiences in relationships and thoughts about love. The novel itself is about pleasure and pain of loving and the use of language and making the narrator genderless allows any reader to be able to connect with them about their own love experiences.
The novel is written in the first person point of view. Throughout the novel, the name nor gender of the narrator is revealed. The narrator is describing multiple events taking place during her time being in love with another character named Louise. They speak expressing their emotions for this character named Louise and eventually comments on the events that led to their heartbreak. However, at the end of the novel we ask ourselves, is the narrator male or female? Does it matter? And most importantly, why do we care? We are so used to knowing from the start whose story we’re reading but Written on the Body has given us a new way of reading a story. We are reading their sexual exploits with men and women and still uncertain who they are. We don’t know who they are but it doesn’t even matter. It’s a story of love and devotion,
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