Book Review Of 'The Notorious Benedict Arnold'

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The Notorious Benedict Arnold Noah Collins 4th Period Chapters 1-3 The book opens to a grim scene of a crowded field, filled with angry and shocked people, surrounding the gallows and looking at the road ahead as a band marched in playing a funeral march. Behind the band marched the broken and defeated Benedict Arnold, former general of the rebel army and traitor to the new country of The United States, in prison rags and shackles. The somber scene concludes with Arnold swallowing his saliva and marching onward towards his sure death. The story of Benedict Arnold begins 39 years earlier in the port town of Norwich, Connecticut. Benedict Arnold was born to a wealthy family in Norwich in one of the coldest winter months ever recorded. He was named after his dead brother of the same name and was some what of a rebel in his younger days. His parents sent him off to a respected boarding school where his real troubles began. In August of 1753 he received a letter from his mother, Hannah. It told of an awful outbreak of yellow fever in Norwich that is soon to claim the lives of his younger sisters Mary and Hannah. Two weeks later he received a follow up, in which his mother stated that Hannah was out of danger but his 8 year old sister, Mary, was dead. Soon after, Benedict's youngest sister, Elizabeth, died of yellow fever. As his pranks and tricks at school became increasingly violent, Benedict's father's shipping business was dying and his drinking problem got worse. Benedict

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