Book Review Of The Novel 'Hatchet' By Gary Paulsen

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Hatchet Novel Project In the book “Hatchet” by Gary Paulsen, Brian, the protagonist of the story goes through many lucky occurrences and many awful occurrences. He also has many life threatening occurrences where his life could have ended instantly. Brian would have done anything to survive his hardships. He goes through a life-changing journey in the woods. He survived a plane crash, he finds food, he makes a shelter, many animals attack him, he got a fire built, the woods is hit by a tornado, and finally Brian is found. The worst problem that occurs to Brian that got him in this situation is the plane crash. In the beginning of the book Brian is flying to his dad’s house in a little plane, the only other person there was the pilot. While on his way dad’s the pilot has a heart attack and dies, leaving Brian alone with very little knowledge on how to fly a plane. He keeps the plane in the air until he ran out of gas, when he found a place to put the plane down, but he hit some trees and went down hard landing in a lake, even through all this he survives. Now he is hungry and thirsty after surviving a plane crash and lying next to the lake for a whole day. Brian goes over to the lake and takes many huge gulps of water without being able to stop, and then he vomits but, isn’t dehydrated, and finally goes on the hunt for some berries.
He doesn’t get very far before he finds these berries growing like grapes in the tree. They have pits in them, but it doesn’t matter he

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