Book Review Of The Whiskey Rebels

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The novel I chose to read for my summer book critique was called The Whiskey Rebels by an American author, David Liss. The Whiskey Rebels is an American fiction novel inspired by events in the early history of the United States. The setting of where the book took place was after the Revolutionary War and in the late 1700s. The book’s main characters are its two narrators, Joan Maycott and Ethan Saunders who live two separate lives but cross paths in time over the scandal of William Duer. Ethan Saunders was a spy during the Revolution for Colonel George Washington but after being charged with accusations of treason he is living in Philadelphia in disgrace. Joan Maycott and her husband Andrew Maycott who was a Revolutionary war veteran were moved to the west where they were promised land for Mr. Maycotts’ war debt. Soon after receiving land from their landlord they realize that their land is worthless and they won’t profit off of it. Later they make an accomplishment off of their whiskey distilling. After Tindall realizes they are the ones making the new whiskey he takes all of their land including killing Andrew. After the killing of her husband Joan sets out on revenge for William Duer in hopes of stopping his hopes for taking over the banking system of the United States and also Hamilton’s rise of power. Ethan Saunders the disgrace of the war hopes to finally figure out who framed him and his lost love Cynthia Pearson's father Fleet during the Revolutionary War. Throughout
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