Book Review On Modern Romance

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Book Review on Modern Romance
Inspired by his own romantic woes, comedian Aziz Ansari teamed up with sociologist Klinenberg to conduct a sociological research project to better understand the dating game as how it 's played today and turned it into what is now titled, Modern Romance. The two conducted surveys and set up a discussion forum on the social networking site. They also interviewed experts, and used academic studies about current dating trends that lead them to their findings and conclusions.
Ansari’s inspiration for this book came from a lady referred to as Tanya. Tanya, was a lady Ansari hit it off with at a mutual friend’s birthday party. He invited her over to have drinks and they spent the evening listening to the band Beach
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With the help from the internet and online dating and social apps such as Tinder young adults are drowning in choices, and the idea that if they look hard enough they will find their “the one”.
Taking into consideration Aziz Ansari’s professional background as a well-renounced actor and comedian, it is evident he did not have any credible knowledge on the topic of romance. He decided to team up with sociologist, Eric Klinenberg to design an extensive research project on modern romance. Their project consisted of collecting primary data from focus groups composed of hundreds of middle-class people located in New York City, Los Angeles, Wichita, Monroe, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Paris, and Doha. Ansari and Klinenberg interviewed these people and had personal conversations about the interviewees’ romantic lives. Some were even willing to share their phones in order to analyze their interactions through text, e-mails, dating sites, and swipe apps such as Tinder. Another focus group Ansari and Klinenberg interviewed were eminent sociologist, anthropologist, psychologist, and journalists who dedicated their careers to studying modern romance. Ansari and Klinenberg also created a massive online focus group by creating a subreddit forum on the website, Reddit. Here they were able to post questions and receive thousands of responses from all around the world. This focus group is referred to as “the subreddit”. This is the first time the site
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