Book Review On My Year Of Meats By Ozeki

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My year of meats is a novel by Ruth Ozeki, exploring the differences between the food cultures of America and Japan, with the aim of establishing generalizations on both. Through the exploration of the Japanese and American views and culture on food, and beef products in general points out the differences in the views of the people from the two countries. As an example, Akiko’s husband believes that, if she learned to cook and eat an American diet full of meat, it would be easier for her to grow fatter and to get pregnant (Ozeki 21). In his attempts to make her adopt the American diet, he compelled Akiko to watch the show, my American wife, where “each weekly half-hour episode…culminated in the celebration of a featured meat, climaxing in its glorious consumption” (Ozeki 8). The fact that Japanese such as John embraced the American diet as the solution to their health problems points out the acceptance of the superiority of America’s food culture. The review of the food cultures of the two countries, stereotypes about food, the conception of food culture, and the revelations to be drawn from food culture will point out the fundamental differences between the Japanese and American people and their food cultures. The review of the food cultures of America and Japan points out…show more content…
In the book, the author demonstrated that the American food culture is grounded in the models of consumerism and capitalism and that America’s success is used to portray other food cultures negatively. In the book, the Japanese food culture is represented negatively, despite the common knowledge that it is healthier and more nourishing. In the book, it is demonstrated that the definition of the American food culture is manifest from the superiority that the American people have cultivated in the minds of people from around the

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