Book Review Ongreatest Salesman in the World Part Ii

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Book Review of The Greatest Salesman in the World Part II: The End of the Story

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In ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World Part II: The End of the Story’, Og Mandino has talked about a young camel boy and his life. The ten vows of success given in the book have changed the camel
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Evaluation and Analysis of Vows –
The First Vow –
The worst and the most harmful enemy anyone can come across is oneself only. We often tend to underestimate ourselves or our abilities and not performing properly. We make excuses that others have got unfair advantage and hence they can perform something better than us. But the reality is that the God has been equal in making us. He has made us from the same material and he gives each of us the same resources. No one gets more than twenty-four hours a day to work and what matters is how to utilize this time. Even if someone gets better resources than us, if he does not utilize them properly or wisely then very soon he will lose them all. Success without hard work does not stay longer. And when we know that we have really worked hard for something, we need to believe in ourselves that we will enjoy the success for a longer time. Given a try, there is nothing to achieve. Even the most successful person falls down but then he gets up and starts walking forgetting his past.
The book ‘Outliers’ states “10,000 Hour Rule”. It says that to achieve success in any area, one needs to practice that specific task for 10,000 hours. It also says that with hard work what matters is the opportunity given to the individual. I feel that even if a person is working hard but if he does not get any opportunity then he cannot achieve success. Bill Gates used to work hard but
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