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BOOK REVIEW FREEDOM IS NOT FREE BY SHIV KHERA Submitted by: Particulars of the Book Title in full : Freedom is Not Free Written by : Shiv Khera Publisher : Macmillan India Ltd Price : Rs 295 Pages : 223 pages Aim 1. To review the book “FREEDOM IS NOT FREE “by Shiv Khera. About the Author 2. Shiv Khera, the author of the book is the founder of Qualified Learning System. He is an educator, business consultant, and a much sought after speaker. He has taken his dynamic personal massage to opposite sides of the…show more content…
4. This book is a wakeup call for those Indians whose conscience has gone to sleep, but is not yet dead. It is also a call to action for those hearts beat and weeps for India. It is also a challenge for all of the readers-a challenge that will put us on the path of prosperity and development. In this book the author is encouraging every Indian to take the initiative in bringing glory to our country-India. Highlights of the Book 5. This book altogether contains 16 chapters, all cohesively interlinked and idea progressively carried forward, the first chapter beginning with “Pay it forward” and the last chapter being “Country First”. Here the author wanted every Indians to dream of a beautiful India, a compassionate and caring society, free from poverty and crime and an efficient Govt which leads the world in the field of business and technology and world look to us with amazement and pride. The author also felt that we have all the ingredient to create an ideal country – talented people, abundant natural resources, a functioning democracy an appetite for growth and development. But it has remained a dream only till now. 6. The author is also of the considered view that youths are pillars of the future for development and growth of the nation but this important pivot of the nation has remained dormant in a nation plagued by feeling of regionalism, communalism, casteism and the absence of a strong
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