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BOOK REVIEW COMPANY COMMAND THE BOTTOM LINE BY: JOHN G. MEYER,JR. IG ASSESSOR STUDENT OFFICER LT ABHISHEK SHARMA YO’S FD-1606 ‘B’ TP CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. About the author 3. About the book 4. Quality of presentation 5. Relevance in our context 6. Conclusion INTRODUCTION 1. He wrote this book to help lighten the load of one of the most overworked soldiers in the US Army – THE…show more content…
7. Although written by an Army Officer primarily for Army Company Commanders, this book has considerable information, suggestions and in sights that are directly applicable to other services. 8. Indeed there is much in it that first line supervisors in non military organizations will find easily adaptable to their situations. 9. GRAY AREAS (A) Overall the book is well written, and has a lot of good information, but it tries to find that elusive gap between a very detailed how-to book (which will inevitably date) and a more philosophical tome which provides few useful details which can be put in the practice immediatel. Alas, it falls short of this goal and does not provide much of either. (B) In addition, Company Command: The Bottom Line, has a somewhat moral high-mindedness to it which seems to ignore a lot of the realities in the Army. Thinking that all of us who take the guidon and assume command would like to be just, fair, never faltering moral beacons who always make the right decision regardless of the consequences, but the sad reality of the Army today is that we are given way, way, way too
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