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INDIVIDUAL DYNAMICS AND LEADERSHIP – BOOK REVIEW The Difficulty of Being Good by Gurcharan Das CONTENT S. No. Topic Page No. 1. Introduction and summary 1 2. Objective of study 1 3. Method of study 1 4. Critical Analysis of Chapters 2 4.1 Duryodhana’s Envy 2 4.2 Draupadi’s Courage 2 4.3 Yudhishthira’s Duty 3 4.4 Yudhishthira’s Remorse 4 4.5 Arjuna’s Despair 5 4.6 Krishna’s Guile 6 4.7 Bhishma’s Selflessness 6 4.8 Karna’s Status Anxiety 7 4.9 Conclusion 8 5. Key Learning 9 INTRODUCTION AND SUMMARY The Difficulty of Being Good by Gurcharan Das is an attempt to study and analyse the Mahabharata and the relevance it holds in todays’ world. The author realises that the great warriors in Mahabharata were…show more content…
Next, the individual analysis were shared and discussed to reach to the final conclusion and understand the moral of the book. CRITICAL ANALYSIS AND THEORITICAL FRAMEWORKS DURYODHANA’S ENVY “What man of mettle will stand to see his rivals prosper and himself decline” ‘If envy were a fever the whole world would be ill.’ Envy is an emotion basic to all human beings. Arising from need for self-esteem (Maslow’s Need Hierarchy), envy finds its roots in the distress the envier feels when he sees the good fortune of others. Envy is a strong emotion with high negative effect that overwhelms the envier with mental stress, tension and depression, making him mentally ill. Duryodhana is a classic example of how envy in its extreme has the potential to consume a lead to a calamity like the Mahabharata. His envy arises when he goes low on self-esteem (Maslow’s Need Hierarchy) but has a high need for power and achievement (McClelland’s theory). Unable to bear the prosperity and fortune of his Pandavas cousins he indulges in surface-acting and invites Duryodhana for a ‘friendly game of dice’ and cheats him under the conspiracy. Also, the perception (cognitive component) that the Pandavas are more accomplished than him leads to the feeling (affective component) of envy and combined with his Machiavellianism results in his multiple plots to kill the Pandavas (behavioural component).Duryodhan also suffers
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