Book Review : Reading, Writing & Religion II

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Yida Zhou
Prof. John L. Cotton
KNW 2333
Sep 22, 2016
Book Review: Reading, Writing & Religion The author of the book “Reading, Writing & Religion II: Teaching the Bible in Texas Public School (Updated Edition)” is Professor Mark A. Chancey, who is in the department of Religious Study in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences at Southern Methodist University. In Dr. Mark A. Chancey’s preface, he has showed there is a phenomenon that Texas public schools tend to have a resurgence of interest in teaching Bible courses, Dr. Mark A. Chancey claims there are some upcoming challenged on teaching the Bible in Texas public schools, such as “academic and legal appropriateness” and “preservation of religious freedom.”, and thus he has presented some possible solutions for those challenges. In the beginning, Dr. Mark A. Chancey borrowed a report from Texas Freedom Network Education Fund. This report from TFNEF is focusing on 25 Texas public schools offered Bible courses in the 2005–2006 school year, utilizing materials from the previous five academic years. By this evidence, the author notes that the public school Bible courses in Texas always have challenges on the following two aspect: First is the Academic and Legal Appropriateness which including failed or only meet the minimal academic standards for “teachers’ qualifications, curriculum, and academic rigor; and secondly, the Preservation of Religious Freedom which promoting one faith perspective over all others; and push an…
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