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Book Review:
Share Jesus Without Fear

Author Information
William Fay began his walk and personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1981. Before this, he was the President and Chief Executive Officer of a multi-million-dollar corporation linked to the Mafia, which was involved in racketeering, bookmaking and gambling. He also owned one of the largest brothels in the United States. After receiving Jesus, he went to Bible school and graduated from Denver Seminary in 1987. He is now a renowned evangelist who has written many books on contemporary evangelism. He is also a pastor, chaplain and nationally syndicated radio personality, who has shared his faith with over twenty five thousand of people.

Linda Evans Shepherd is the co-author
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As he addresses extensively the subject of evangelism, it appears that Fay is very confident that is book is well needed due to the “sin of silence” that has gripped the Church and the body of Christ, in general. He has a powerful style that uses examples from his personal life and experiences to shows his reader that it is easy to share the Gospel. He also uses witnessing examples from the lives of various Christians to show the readers that they too can share the gospel without fear. He advocates a simple and non-confrontational approach to evangelism and states that God can use even imperfect attempts to share the Gospel. What God cannot use is the Christian’s silence about the Gospel.
Though many of Fay’s examples are success stories, he also gives examples when non-believers do not accept Jesus and states that even where conversion does not take place, the believer who witnesses is still successful because of his or her obedience. He argues that evangelism is not about bringing people to Jesus or “winning souls” but it is about obedience (p.3). He even implies that success is not to be measured by the number of people saved but by obedience in acting out our Christian lives, sharing the gospel and believing God for the results. This challenges a lot of churches and believers who have fallen in the trap of measuring their success based on the number of people who have accepted Jesus and yet it is the Holy spirit who does the work of conversion
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