Book Review: Sir Thomas Malory's 'Le Morte D'Arthur'

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While immediately after the scandal with Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, neither the compliance officer who worked for the firm (Peter Bernoff, Bernie's brother) nor the compliance attorney (Shana Bernoff, Bernie's niece) were charged with any criminal offenses, James A. Fanto, professor of law, asked the most pointed and most poignant question, "How could you have this massive scandal going on in a firm that's adopted adequate procedures? That's what compliance is all about" (Barlyn, 2008). Compliance officers have to act like proactive police officers, rather than merely wait for contact and scrutiny from the Federal Government. Compliance officers have a range of jobs creating and assessing supervisory procedures, implementing such procedures, and essentially making sure the company follows the given compliance plan, not to mention finding ways that the compliance plan could be improved in order to bolster effectiveness, precision and a proper code of conduct. The Bernie Madoff scandal, along in conjunction with a range of other wall street scandals demonstrate a deep-ceded…
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