Book Review Success Built to Last

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BOOK REVIEW SUCCESS BUILT TO LAST: Creating A Life That Matters By Jerry Porras, Stewart Emery, and Mark Thompson Summary Success Built to Last builds on over 200 interviews with highly successful people to discern patterns on how they define success and how they achieved it. The authors spoke to remarkable people that were trimmed down from initial thousand lists to hundreds who were able to sustain success for over a 20 year period. The interviewees were Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer, Grammy, Peabody and Grammy award winners as well as CEOs from small and big companies. The group was comprised of people from diverse industries, interests and gender, and majority was over the age of 40 with 95 being the oldest. The main idea of…show more content…
Ultimately, no form of acquisition or activity can lastingly deliver what really matters to a person, (3) The seduction of competence (or the natural tendency we have to follow a False Profit), and (4) The tyranny of the OR, Builders have concluded that their commitment to serve others is also their self-interest. Chapter 6 (The Cause has Charisma – You Don’t Have to be Charismatic to be Successful), many Builders can be tentative, even nervous or introverts but they still succeed. Although they do not have charisma or personality, it is what they do with their personalities that determine success. Builders cling to a personal commitment that’s so compelling to them, they must do because it matters. Chapter 7 (The Tripping Point – Always Make New Mistakes), treats mistakes as learning for Builders to achieve enduring success. Builders always find ways to manage and refuse to let their goals and dreams go despite those awful moments when everything has gone wrong. They think of both success and failure as feedback, it’s not judge as either complete win or loss, both are essential. Chapter 8 (Wounds to Wisdom – Trusting your Weaknesses and Using your Core Competencies), provides another Builder’s outlook to weaknesses as something that is not a flaw that paralyzes their actions. It is natural to be embarrassed or overwhelmed by it at times, but they still don’t marginalize themselves or the
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