Book Review: The 39 Clues # 10 Into The Gauntlet

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Dear Friend,
The book I’m currently reading is called The 39 Clues #10 Into The Gauntlet it is about 5 teams competing for the prize of The Master Serum witch gives a person the characteristics of each Cahill Branch. What may interest you is the fact that all the books come with little cards in the beginning of the book that u collect for in game cards and play with others from all around the world while descripting codes from the book as you read throughout the story. Also, if you like mystery books this is the right choice for you. This is the type of book that makes you want to read it to the very last page and then go on to the next series if there is one witch it is in this case of The 39 Clues #10 Into The Gauntlet. You will love trying
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I personally have not played the game but I bet if you play the game it will be even awesome because you’re in the world of cards and play your friends and share cards together and have fun while your reading your learning reading and having fun all at the same time there’s no other book that lets you have this type of excitement. There are all types of books but non-compare to this lovely book of nature. Most of the characters are heartless and would Kill, Blackmail, Cheat, and sabotage other team members to win the clue hunt. Dan is a 11-year-old boy going to the 7th grade he is a good drawer and his sister Amy is a 14-teen year old girl. Their grandmother named grace loved and cared for them as if they were her children that’s the loving part of the story. The 39 Clues is an awesome series to read if you’re into reading loads of mystery series and try to decode the clues in the story. Jonah is a rich character in the series and gets himself in trouble and an old lady catches him and he tries to offer here things so that she won’t expose him to the public but she denies all of his offers and he sits there nervures trying to consult with the old lady but she keeps on declining his offers he even offers her lifetime seats to the Globe Theater and she still denies his offers and she might expose his secret that no one knows of but him his mother, Father and now
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