Book Review : ' The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes '

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Matthew Del Castillo Allan Choi Lana Dolgitser Dr. Grekov English 10B Period 5 24 January 2015 Book Review for The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Do you like mystery novels? The tales of Sherlock Holmes are the quintessential stories to represent the genre--one that marks a milestone in the genre of crime fiction that Conan Doyle has progressed so far single handedly. This series of stories, like the novel A Study in Scarlet before it, revolves around our two main protagonists, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. It is placed in late 19th century London, where the story follows our two crime-stoppers doing exactly what you’d expect them to do--solve mysteries, and bust criminals when applicable. While it may seem simple in concept, it becomes so much more through the way that Conan Doyle delivers the stories. Perhaps you should know a little about the author. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle lived primarily during the late 19th century in England, hence the backdrop of the story. The two characters he wrote about also drew from his past.. Holmes is partially modeled after Conan Doyle’s former university teacher, Joseph Bell, and Dr. Watson was inspired by a former colleague in the medical field that went by the same name, Dr. John Watson. The original novel, A Study in Scarlet, was published by Ward Lock & Co, and bought the rights from Doyle for a whopping £25. Due to high demand from the public and his peers, he would later go on to right many short stories and novels based on the
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