Book Review : ' The Butterfly '

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Nyx 's POV
My little brother and I were walking home from his primary school and decided to take the long way as we still had some time before we had to be home. The long way to our house was always more exciting than the shortcut, as there were all kinds of butterfly 's fluttering about, not to mention there was an awesome playground on the way as well. Phoenix, my brother, and I decided to play around for a little and, once we had finished playing, decided to try and catch the butterfly 's that we saw on the way home. Nearly an hour later we arrived at our front door with grins on our faces from having caught two butterflies. After having walked my little brother home from school I said to my mum "I 'm going for a walk to release the
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So while the first man was distracted and the other was watching with a look of astonishment I leapt for the shaking women and grabbed her gloved hand then sprinted off through another alley with a shocked woman in tow. We managed to outrun the second mystery man and the other had been too busy with his wound to follow, so the lady and I were able to take a break and rest. The lady slid down to the ground shaking and crying. I crawled forward slowly so I didn 't frighten her and wrapped my arms around her quivering body only to feel an electric shock go through my body and then darkness.


Penelope 's POV

You ever have the feeling that something really bad is about to happen? No? Yes? Well right now, walking home from school, I was having that feeling only it was 10 times stronger than the normal "oh boy, something bad is going to happen today" feeling. But me being the idiot I am, kept walking till I accidentally bumped into a pretty old lady, who fell to the ground with a look of shock on her face that quickly morphed into a look of mischief and evil. The look she was giving me was Kind of creepy if you ask me, but despite the creepy look, I still reached out to help her up while giving her confused glances as she had started
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