Book Review : The Danger Of A Single Story And Tony Porter

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Andrea Green Neil MAN 4102 Professor Jacqueline Donovan September 20, 2014 Exam 1 1a. Two Ted talks shown were Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story and Tony Porter: A call to men. 1b. Chimamanda Adiche in her Ted Talk spoke of perceptions. Ideas that are formed in peoples minds. These perceptions are a lot of times because of stories told, what is shown in the media. In this talk Chimamanda spoke of her perceptions which came about from books that she read as a child. She thought that in other countries all the people did was “eat apples, drink ginger beer, and spoke about the weather”. Adiche also spoke about her early writings. She thought that books had to be about things and people who were foreign. Main reason for this perception is that up to that point she had not come across a book that was about Nigeria. To enable the listener to get a full understanding of what she spoke of sshe spoke of Fide a house boy that was employed by her parents as a house boy. Because her mother always spoke about how poor Fide was she had never been able to see Fide in another light. In her mind Fide was nothing but a boy from a poor family. Adiche made mention of her college roommate in the United States who also had her perceptions of Africa/Africans, these perceptions leads to stereotypes. Her roommate was unaware that Africans spoke English or that Africans listened to pop music like Americans do. Her roommate was also under the impression that Africans did not know how to
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