Book Review: The Definition Of Literature Review

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1.0: The Definition of Literature Review According to Shuttleworth (2016), a literature review can be a forerunner or a guide in the introduction of a research paper, it likewise can be a whole paper in itself, regularly will place on the first stage of large research projects, this will allow the supervisor to find out that the student is on the correct path. A literature review can be portrayed as a report of what has been distributed on a theme by qualified and credited by scholars and researchers (Taylor, 2015). The literature review likewise could be depicted as the system, procedure, and improvement by researchers for reading, evaluating, assessing, and summarising scholarly materials about a particular topic. (Nordquist, 2016). There are still had a tonne…show more content…
According to Taylor (2007), the purpose for doing a literature review is want to become an expert and understand your field comprehensively. Besides, literature review also could show that researcher has done analyzed and wrote a critique the theories or methodologies in the field and know the point of view related to the certain topic which is stated by University of Arizona Libraries original website (2015). The third purpose of a literature review is basically to arouse research ideas by researchers to evaluate and determine research questions or hypotheses, which was written by Cronin, et. al (2008, p.1). So, it could be shown that the purpose and why scholars need to do literature review was almost same for one reason, which is evaluated and do much of research in the certain field for further acknowledgeable and understanding. It believes that purpose of literature review could establish the importance and provide a background information about a research topic.
2.2: The Attributes of a Good & Critical Literature
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