Book Review: 'The Invisible Gorilla: and Other Ways our Intuitions Deceive Us'

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Often, the things that we believe to be true or real prove not to be so. Also, it is not only foolish or unintelligent people who get fooled or deceived. Some of the smartest people who ever lived have been affected by incorrect perceptions of the world. The authors highlight six different illusions which they say impact our ability to understand the world and to make logical connections between things. Edward Dolnick writes in The Clockwork Universe about the greatest thinkers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, including Leibniz, Renee Descartes, and Isaac Newton. By looking at those three men and examining the illusions that even these men were fooled by, we can understand more about ourselves. The three illusions which are most obviously seen in the work of these men are: the illusion of attention, the illusion of knowledge and confidence, and the illusion regarding a series of events.
According to the writers of The Invisible Gorilla, the illusion of attention says that we observe more than we think we do and that we do not really see a lot of what is actually going on. The book discusses various experiments where people's observational skills were challenged and it turns out that people do not pay attention to things as much…
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