Book Review: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

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The book is called ”The Perks Of Being A Wallflower” and if you know what a ”wallflower” is then you can understand the book title and why Chbosky choose this title.
The definition of a ”wallflower” is a loner/outsider that nobody knows excist but is always there. Just watching but never participating themselves. So when you know the meaning of a ”wallflower” then you can understand the book title. The perks of being a loner.

Stephen Chbosky is the author of this fantastic novel. He is a american novelist,screenwriter, and film director. Chbosky was born
January 25 in the year 1970, that means that he is 47 years old this year.

The book is about Charlie, a freshman in high school. Charlie writes letters to a anonymous person and it’s from
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Charlie is the main protagonist, he is depressed and sucidal. He is also very awkward and a over-thinker like the most of us. I realate a lot to him because i’m also at the stage in my life where i’m going into adulthood and don’t exactly know what i’m doing. I also like that Charlie changes through out the book, he becomes happier. The next one is Sam, Sam is a kind and supportive friend but you know that she has a rough past by the way she talks. She is also in a abusive relationship with a man three years older than her. As Charlie has romantic feelings for Sam he sees her as only good. That makes it hard for me to do a character analys on her because it was also some time since I read the book. The last one is Patrick, I think everyone should have a Patrick in their life. Even if Patrick had his problems I could always feel that he was a true friend. Patrick is being bullied but he still stays happy and shots snarky comments to his bullies. He makes it seem like he dosen’t care and that it is no big deal. Patrick is carrying a heavy secret and that is that he is gay and seeing a guy called Brad, but Brad is very deep into the closet with no thought of coming
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