Book Review: What The Best College Students Do

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Holly Dierksen Biol-171 Dr. Moussa 2/20/17

Individual Book Review
Author, Ken Bain wrote the book What the Best College Students Do, to give college students advice on how various strategies and methods of thinking affect not …show more content…

For example, one topic Bain mentions is having two different types of mindsets which are fixed and growth. With a fixed mindset, an individual believes that they have to acquire certain characteristics to able to do something, or it will never be possible for them to achieve it. Growth mindsets allow a person to believe that he/she could do just about anything, as long as they set their minds to their goals, and just keep trying even if they are unsuccessful at first. This author encourages readers that failure is part of learning, and needs to be seen as room for mind growth to make improvements. Another example mentioned in this book is what grades really mean. While post- secondary education institutions look at the grades on a student’s transcripts, to determine whether he/she is a good candidate to be admitted, grades may not necessarily reflect whether or not a person is a surface learner or a deep learner. In some instances, there are students who

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